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We are experienced in the installation of aluminium composite panels (Alucobond) for use in cladding feature walls and soffits to building facades, awnings and fascias. Alucobond is a lightweight, durable and cost effective solution that is also very aesthetically appealing.

We are also experienced in the supply and installation of Compressed Fibre Cement (CFC) building facades. Fibre cement building materials are resistant to rotting, fire, permanent water and termite damage; making them a reliable and long lasting product.

CFC and Alucabond facade systems create a beautiful architectural finish for either commercial or residential use. The systems are fast to install and they offer heavy duty performance and low maintenance when installed by one of our trained personnel.

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The Benefits of Exterior Cladding in Perth

Cladding is a time-honoured construction technique, with the ancient Romans using marble tiles on their concrete structures to make the buildings look more impressive. This technique of using stone is still done today for cladding in Perth, but we now also have the option of more modern materials that serve additional functions in the construction industry.

Metal Roofing & Construction professionally installs compressed fibre cement and aluminium cladding in Perth.

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The Purpose of External Wall Cladding in Perth

We often hear the question, “what is the purpose of external wall cladding”? The obvious answer is that it allows an architect to create an artistic shell for the building. So, the next question is whether cladding serves any other purpose besides aesthetics? Let's explore some practical external wall cladding applications for residential and commercial buildings in Perth.

  • Insulation. The cladding is essentially a shell for the building, and similar to a tortoise shell, it insulates the structure from external influences. The cladding acts as an insulation barrier against wind, sound and differences in temperature. Cladding can thus contribute to lower energy consumption for the building.

  • Fire safety. Correctly installed composite cladding will act as an effective fire barrier. This applies to both internal and external fires and prevents the spread of fires to adjacent buildings. It is also effective in containing internal fires and, with the appropriate training, it allows firefighters to bring the situation under control quickly.

  • Maintenance. Aluminium composite cladding is very low maintenance and only needs cleaning, perhaps twice a year. In areas with high rainfall, it might not even be necessary. This compares favourably with painted structures, which must be cleaned more regularly and repainted entirely every few years.

Our Two Types of Wall Cladding for Perth Buildings

We use two types of cladding material in our work because we have found that these two types of panels offer the greatest benefit to our customers in terms of functionality, durability, and installation cost. Each type of panel has its unique characteristics, and we advise customers on the best choice if the architect did not specify it.

  • Aluminium composite panels. Essentially, this is a sandwich made of two aluminium panels with an insulating material as the filler. We use the renowned ALUCOBOND® panels that offer superior fire safety and insulation properties. It is available in a diverse range of solid, metallic and other colours and motifs to create a unique design.

  • Compressed fibre cement panels. The use of CFC panels aids in the construction of lightweight houses, especially those with timber frames. Compressed fibre cement panels are effective on the outside because it looks and acts similar to a solid concrete or brick wall. It is resistant to fire and not affected by rain. Different surface designs are available, as well as panels of different thicknesses for various applications.


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About Metal Roofing & Construction

We have over 25 years of experience in the construction industry and mainly focus on installing wall cladding and metal roofs. We have our roofing licence and use only dedicated tradespeople for each job.

Email us if you have any questions about external cladding in Perth.

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