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MRC specialise in all aspects of Metal Roofing, Gutters, Downpipes and Polycarbonate Sheeting. We possesses a great deal of experience, technical expertise and knowledge. With job sites in and around Perth, we work closely with our suppliers to present our customers with only the best quality of materials to produce satisfying finishes. 


We install Colorbond roofing; all shapes, styles and profiles. 


We install all profiles of guttering.


We install all profiles and colours of polycarbonate sheeting.


We install all kinds of downpipes; square, round and polyvinyl chloride.

Roofing Services Around Perth

Are you seeking a professional, reliable roofing contractor in the Perth area? Does your roof need repair or maintenance? Are your gutters or down pipes leaking or in need of repair? Call Metal Roofing and Construction if you answered yes to any of these questions.

At Metal Roofing and construction (MRC), we offer an eclectic range of roofing services around the Perth area. Our services cover roofing contracts, including roof repair, maintenance and replacement, guttering, down piping, cladding, tiling and more. We believe passionately in providing excellent customer service, and we work closely with our clients to ensure our service is punctual and your exacting specifications are met. We only use the highest quality products and believe in transparency regarding our quotations, ensuring you get a fair price for the work undertaken. As you know, roofing is not cheap, so we will do our best to keep your quote as low as possible, but with a job such as roofing, there is often nowhere to hide. Rest assured that our team are highly experienced construction workers who care about the quality of work you receive.

Tiling a Roof

Factors Affecting Roofing Services

Roofs are constructed with specific design factors in mind, such as the local climate, the age and condition of the property, and the state or condition of the existing roof structure. If you feel your roof may be in disrepair, we can offer roof repairs around Perth to inspect and fix any leaks or cracks that could lead to damage in the future. Our professional roofers around Perth will give you impartial advice on the condition of your roof, advising the best course of action to ensure the structural integrity of your building is maintained. 

Metal Roof Construction In Perth

Part of our service includes installing metal roofing solutions for our customers around Perth. We offer metal roofing around Perth that uses different metal materials that lend themselves to different situations and environments. ​


Steel is one of the most common metallic materials used for roofing. Steel is a common alloy made from mixing iron with other elements to create an extremely versatile, robust and durable roofing material. Its affordability means it is often used on both residential and commercial properties. The availability of such a wide variety of metal roofing panels means various factors affect the roof's cost. Basic steel roofing panels aren't expensive compared to other kinds of metal, such as copper and reinforced aluminium. Steel gives you the best all-around material for use as a roof.

Corner of a Roof Gutter
Image by Michael Jasmund

Leaking Roof? Don't Worry And Call MRC! 

There's nothing more stressful than a leaking roof. That feeling of anxiety that you may get dripped on the next time it rains is considered undesirable. We understand this stress and offer a range of roof leak repairs throughout Perth to suit our customer's needs. If your roof needs repair or replacing, our reroofing services in Perth can provide you with a comprehensive roofing replacement that can protect your building from the elements for years to come.

Polycarbonate Roofing Solutions

Polycarbonate panels are an effective use of roofing material. Polycarbonate is a very resilient thermoplastic material that is almost impossible to damage. It is an ideal roofing material as it is lightweight, cheap, and capable of withstanding hot and cold temperatures. Although unsuitable for an entire roof, it is perfect for other outdoor structures, such as covering decking, garages, outhouses, garden sheds, greenhouses, and conservatories. It is incredibly durable, requiring minimal repair, and transparent, meaning natural light can penetrate the structure, providing ideal growing conditions and enough light to work without needing extra lighting. We have experienced polycarbonate roofing contractors in Perth. We can suggest the best kind of roofing for your structure.

Climbing a Ladder

Rain Gutters And Downpipes - Essential For Structural Safety

Rain gutters are more important than you may think. They play a vital role in maintaining the condition of a roof. Their primary function is to direct rainwater away from the house by channelling it into a downpipe away from the property. We all know the destructive power of water; It causes mould and mildew and can seep into cracks and masonry, causing damage to your building which can result in expensive repair costs. 

Employing MRC to conduct roof and gutter repairs in Perth can save you money in the long run. Our staff will advise you whether your guttering needs to be repaired or whether you need to purchase a new guttering system. Our team can provide professional roof and gutter installation, assuring your property is water-tight and damage-free.


We also offer professional cladding services. Cladding is a part of an exterior wall that protects the interior elements of the property from being exposed to weather conditions. As well as providing practical use, cladding also contributes to the decorative aesthetic of the property. You can choose from various cladding materials, such as timber and PVC plastic. 

Experience Always Pays Off

When choosing a roofing contractor, there are some essential factors to consider. Firstly, experience is everything. A roofing company should be able to demonstrate they have successfully performed jobs similar to yours. Companies that are experienced in the kind of roofing you require will be able to provide a level of professionalism that they would not have if they weren't able to provide quality workmanship. Ensure you investigate the company's history and check its marketing materials live up to their promises.

Switching Roofs

More About MRC

At MRC, we have 25 years of experience as roofers and carpenters. We are happy to discuss our previous experience and how it relates to your job. We enjoy working in this demanding industry, and our customers get value for money when they use us. As a small business, we take customer service very seriously and value the positive reviews and feedback our customers have given us over the years. Our staff are standing by and will be happy to take your call and provide you with advice and feedback about your job.

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